World Rebellion

3 Nov

How Can It Happen?

Another good question.

We know that if one country breaks away from the corporate strangle hold it can not survive. The wealth of the corporate interests will isolate that country much like the Americans corporate interests did to Cuba. They isolated Cuba in such a way that the people of that country suffered significantly. In the Western world it would reach a point where the citizens would vote back in the morally corrupt politicians so corporate interests would regain control. 

To achieve a break away… all countries must act together. Corporations must be viewed as  pariah. They must be treated like some wild animal that needs to be controlled for the betterment of mankind. Something like a wild horse. Once broken and under control they serve us well… but we need to keep the corral gate closed otherwise they will get out and we will lose control of them. Place them in a harness with a whip and control reins. Feed them and water them well as we need them to be healthy but let’s not let them drive the wagon. We are in control not them. We don’t let the monkeys run the Zoo do we…? Not as they do now.

Now we must not fall into the same failure as the Soviet Union. That is we don’t want to build a corrupt government that funnels the wealth into the hands of morally corrupt leaders. Those are the two extremes in our world. Capitalism that funnels wealth into the elite 1% at the expense of the other 99 and Socialism that funnels wealth into the hands of corrupt governments leaders.

So… what kind of government do we need to referee the balance of wealth and not allow corruption to take hold in either extreme?


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