Where is the World Going?

3 Nov

Good Question

We see public displays of anger against the amount of influence corporations have in governing our affairs. The public outcry is not clearly focused as the dissatisfaction is so widely spread. There are far too many issues that affect the common person driven by the influence corporations have in government. From avoiding their fair share of taxes, to driving our economy into the ground, to bail-outs using our tax dollars, to poor nutritional issues in the food being sold, influence of drug companies, environmental destruction, and the list goes on and on. It is hard to stop. Think of the wars fought in the Middle East, the cost of them, the loss of  military and civilian lives driven by lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction to hide oil interests. Should I get into the big executive bonuses earned or otherwise? No… I’ll let you fill in a longer list.

The people are slowly coming to the awareness that it has gone too far. Since when should we have allowed Corporations to have the same rights as the individual? Corporations wheel huge influence in government through favours, bribes and heavy lobbying. Corporations have the resources to focus their attention on elected officials to get laws put in place to benefit themselves. Look at what the conservatives in Canada are doing. Kill the Wheat Board… the gun registry and likely many more elements of our society that actual protect people and don’t benefit corporations. Milk Board?? We only have one vote. We are not organized as they are… until possibly now. But… the bond is weak and be assured the corporations will make every attempt  to break whatever bond there is so that the people are not heard.


We need Greece to fail. We need some significant hardship to be brought upon us to cement the outrage and start the true rebellion against government and their cozy arrangement with business. That is why we see such a strong push by the G20 to get Greece to abandon the idea of a referendum as it will ignite the bomb that is developing in our society for government reform. We could call it the People’ Reformation Act (PRA)… 


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