Expanding World Markets

3 Nov

NAFTA… Euro zone… etc.
These markets were set up to increase market size to compete so they say.
Large corporate interests demanded market expansion from Governments to ensure market growth. The expansion  Canada, the US and Mexico markets into NAFTA gave corporations a large pool of low cost labour and a larger market to sell their goods and services into.  It also assure them of access to raw resources that were being depleted in the US.

The greedy demand for higher and higher returns made an ever increasing market size essential. So the political pressure was brought on my corporations to forces one way or the other governments into carrying out their wishes.

This greed is exceeding the world’s ability to expand markets to feed these corporate animals. But they have no moral code… there is only one code and that is wealth at any cost to society. The moral code lies in the hands of our government representatives. But gone are the days of governments for, of and by the people. They are for, of and by the corporations. We need to take back our government. We need to get the morally corrupt politicians out of power and put in place those who… yes act on our behave. For, of and by the people.

Now corporations are finding it harder and harder to get the returns they demand so will pursue acquiring the assets of countries like Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland to begin with. It will be done quietly with little exposure until these countries realize one day they don’t have a country. It will be owned outright by a number of corporations.

The 1% will be after lands and naturally resources with no strings attached to with as they see fit. Serfdom will once again return to the world.   

There will come a point when we will have to wake up… and rebel against our government’s cozy relationship with corporations and those who own them. That is why I would have loved to see the Greek referendum happen. I know the Greeks would turn it down… and the true colours of these corporate animals. The wealthy would realize no one is going to pay them back their large sums of money lent to these countries for the sole purpose of taking  control of the country.

We must demand governments look out for us not for corporations. They must legislate a fair distribution of wealth and choke the flow of the vast majority of the wealth to the few.

Socialism you say… no… but not capitalism either. Just a fair distribution of all the benefits we  have a part in producing.


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