World Rebellion

3 Nov

How Can It Happen?

Another good question.

We know that if one country breaks away from the corporate strangle hold it can not survive. The wealth of the corporate interests will isolate that country much like the Americans corporate interests did to Cuba. They isolated Cuba in such a way that the people of that country suffered significantly. In the Western world it would reach a point where the citizens would vote back in the morally corrupt politicians so corporate interests would regain control. 

To achieve a break away… all countries must act together. Corporations must be viewed as  pariah. They must be treated like some wild animal that needs to be controlled for the betterment of mankind. Something like a wild horse. Once broken and under control they serve us well… but we need to keep the corral gate closed otherwise they will get out and we will lose control of them. Place them in a harness with a whip and control reins. Feed them and water them well as we need them to be healthy but let’s not let them drive the wagon. We are in control not them. We don’t let the monkeys run the Zoo do we…? Not as they do now.

Now we must not fall into the same failure as the Soviet Union. That is we don’t want to build a corrupt government that funnels the wealth into the hands of morally corrupt leaders. Those are the two extremes in our world. Capitalism that funnels wealth into the elite 1% at the expense of the other 99 and Socialism that funnels wealth into the hands of corrupt governments leaders.

So… what kind of government do we need to referee the balance of wealth and not allow corruption to take hold in either extreme?


Expanding World Markets

3 Nov

NAFTA… Euro zone… etc.
These markets were set up to increase market size to compete so they say.
Large corporate interests demanded market expansion from Governments to ensure market growth. The expansion  Canada, the US and Mexico markets into NAFTA gave corporations a large pool of low cost labour and a larger market to sell their goods and services into.  It also assure them of access to raw resources that were being depleted in the US.

The greedy demand for higher and higher returns made an ever increasing market size essential. So the political pressure was brought on my corporations to forces one way or the other governments into carrying out their wishes.

This greed is exceeding the world’s ability to expand markets to feed these corporate animals. But they have no moral code… there is only one code and that is wealth at any cost to society. The moral code lies in the hands of our government representatives. But gone are the days of governments for, of and by the people. They are for, of and by the corporations. We need to take back our government. We need to get the morally corrupt politicians out of power and put in place those who… yes act on our behave. For, of and by the people.

Now corporations are finding it harder and harder to get the returns they demand so will pursue acquiring the assets of countries like Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland to begin with. It will be done quietly with little exposure until these countries realize one day they don’t have a country. It will be owned outright by a number of corporations.

The 1% will be after lands and naturally resources with no strings attached to with as they see fit. Serfdom will once again return to the world.   

There will come a point when we will have to wake up… and rebel against our government’s cozy relationship with corporations and those who own them. That is why I would have loved to see the Greek referendum happen. I know the Greeks would turn it down… and the true colours of these corporate animals. The wealthy would realize no one is going to pay them back their large sums of money lent to these countries for the sole purpose of taking  control of the country.

We must demand governments look out for us not for corporations. They must legislate a fair distribution of wealth and choke the flow of the vast majority of the wealth to the few.

Socialism you say… no… but not capitalism either. Just a fair distribution of all the benefits we  have a part in producing.

Where is the World Going?

3 Nov

Good Question

We see public displays of anger against the amount of influence corporations have in governing our affairs. The public outcry is not clearly focused as the dissatisfaction is so widely spread. There are far too many issues that affect the common person driven by the influence corporations have in government. From avoiding their fair share of taxes, to driving our economy into the ground, to bail-outs using our tax dollars, to poor nutritional issues in the food being sold, influence of drug companies, environmental destruction, and the list goes on and on. It is hard to stop. Think of the wars fought in the Middle East, the cost of them, the loss of  military and civilian lives driven by lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction to hide oil interests. Should I get into the big executive bonuses earned or otherwise? No… I’ll let you fill in a longer list.

The people are slowly coming to the awareness that it has gone too far. Since when should we have allowed Corporations to have the same rights as the individual? Corporations wheel huge influence in government through favours, bribes and heavy lobbying. Corporations have the resources to focus their attention on elected officials to get laws put in place to benefit themselves. Look at what the conservatives in Canada are doing. Kill the Wheat Board… the gun registry and likely many more elements of our society that actual protect people and don’t benefit corporations. Milk Board?? We only have one vote. We are not organized as they are… until possibly now. But… the bond is weak and be assured the corporations will make every attempt  to break whatever bond there is so that the people are not heard.


We need Greece to fail. We need some significant hardship to be brought upon us to cement the outrage and start the true rebellion against government and their cozy arrangement with business. That is why we see such a strong push by the G20 to get Greece to abandon the idea of a referendum as it will ignite the bomb that is developing in our society for government reform. We could call it the People’ Reformation Act (PRA)…